Tom Janikowski

Unusual Writer - Unusual Fiction


I Heard Just the Other Day...

"He is deranged."

  -Penny Watson


"He doesn't have scurvy. Just flesh-picking stories."

-Eleanor Gwyn-Jones 


"Tom's literary cocktail: Corn-fed...a dash of nihilism and splashes of wry humor. Sip it."

-The Madore Brothers of Necropology 


"It's like Prairie Home Companion on shrooms; some of the freshest short-form madness I've read in a while."

-H D Case on


"Janikowski is one wacked-out (expletive deleted)."

-Steve the Drunk, who yells at Mr. Janikowski's office building.


"This is some creepy-(expletive deleted)."

-Darrell, the Guy on the Street with blue gloves and all the plastic bags.


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